Financial Wellness for Bank Customers

A white-label product for Retail Banks to deliver personalised saving advice to consumers

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Unwanted subscriptions and overpriced bills cost consumers £25bn each year

This causes significant problems for financial institutions

SmartBill identifies all customer subscriptions and lets them cancel unwanted services in a click to save £300 per year

We take raw bank data and provide rich consumer insight

Client Benefits

Increased Revenues

  • Higher Customer Lifetime Value

    Personalised product recommendations to provide your users what services they really need

  • Increased Customer Deposits

    Direct user savings into your investment products.

  • Premium Services Provision

    Premium account services enable you to offer exclusive services at higher rates

Increased Retention

  • Increased User Engagement

    Increase the usefulness of your product

  • Establish a Competitive Edge

    Enlist technology that is at the forefront of innovation

  • Decreased Customer Churn

    Surpass third party apps, and alternative providers

Reduced Costs

  • Reduce Call Volume

    Offer instead an easy tap & sign cancelation process

  • Outsource the hassle

    Let our team make the tedious calls and emails.

  • Prevent card termination fees

    Avoid cancelling credit cards to avoid subscription payments.